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Botero Square

Botero Square in a huge park that houses 23 sculptural monuments donated by Fernando Botero, the Museum of Antioquia is also located in this square in the best preserved Art Deco building in Colombia.

Main Square

Plaza Mayor is more than a venue, it is a platform for interaction and business, a space for creative industries, a laboratory for ideas and projects, and it is projected as one of the best in Latin America.

Little town Paisa

It is the replica of a typical Antioquia town. As true balconies that offer a privileged view of the city day or night, it is an emblem of the capital of Antioquia, it can be accessed by vehicle through a paved route or by trails surrounded by nature.

Antioquia Museum

The Antioquia Museum is one of the most important and well-known museums in the city of Medellín. The Antioquia Museum has the largest collection of master Fernando Botero. The museum has 17 permanent exhibition rooms and a temporary exhibition room.

Explore Park

With its 4 red boxes floating on the horizon, it is one of the symbols of the new northern area of ​​Medellin, which became the largest educated urban passageway for education and recreation.

Botanical Garden

It offers spaces overflowing with vegetation, to share picnics with the family, or enjoy afternoons of reading, music or conversations with friends. This garden has the largest collection of orchids in the city, being a place of reservation and environmental protection.

The Castle Museum

This medieval Gothic-style castle surrounded by French-style gardens, located in the village, its collection of plastic arts and decorative arts includes European painting. Plastic arts and music workshops are held in its rooms. In its anti-aquarium you can buy true artistic and historical jewels.

Garden Avenue

It is a scenario that has been consolidating itself as a platform for gastronomy lovers, designers, visitors and local entrepreneurs to offer their products, meet and share their experiences.